Paracetamol for your attestation headaches!

If you’ve ever been asked to get your documents attested to start a new life abroad, improve your position as an expat, or start a family then you’ll understand the bewilderment and confusion it can cause.

So many questions running through your head. What’s attestation?  Where do I get that done? How much?! Will it be accepted if I try to do it myself?

And as the stress is rising your new employer/boss/spouse is chasing you for the attested documents… meanwhile you’re desperately scrabbling around on the internet to understand exactly what documents you need and what to do with them.

About Argentum - Office, People

Argentum was born from a desire to alleviate some of the pain and stress of moving abroad.

In 2008 our Founder was asked by a friend if he could help with some documents being attested in the UK for use in the UAE. Once that first attestation was complete more and more people had the same request…a business was formed, originally based in the UK, and after a couple of years Argentum was founded and established in the UAE in 2011.

Since then, our ability to facilitate document attestation has grown and we now cover pretty much every corner of the world. That means we’ve helped thousands of people attest their documents, first time, every time, on time.

Our global reach, expert team and ingrained desire to help means that our clients leave us smiling, headache free and ready to focus on their new lives abroad.

We now assist major corporate clients, small businesses and individuals alike; focusing on the highest level of customer service no matter who you are and how big or small your requirements may be.

If that sounds like you then have a look around our website and let us know how we can help.




Head of Operations (UK and UAE)

Jess is our Office Manager in the UK having joined Argentum in 2013 straight out of college. She has a strong family tie to Argentum as it was her Dad who founded the company, but what started off as a job to gain some work experience has turned into a career, with Jess’s strong work ethic, attention to detail and meticulous nature making her the perfect person to make sure documents get processed correctly first time, every time.

Jess recently got engaged so is busy planning her (and her fiancé’s) big day.

When Jess isn’t overseeing our UK operation she loves travel, reading, reality TV (ask her about Housewives!) and enjoying a cocktail with friends & family.



Office Manager (UAE)

Lucy was born and raised in the UK but has been living in Dubai for the past 18 months. She joined Argentum in 2016 straight after school and worked in our London office for 5 years, eventually swapping to oversee our Dubai office in 2021 making her the first international transfer within the company.

On the weekends she enjoys seeing what Dubai‘s best restaurants and brunches have to offer which usually means the following day is spent recovering at the pool. Fun facts about Lucy are that she is a massive bookworm, has a newfound love for cooking since her recent trip to Thailand and likes to think of herself as the office’s unofficial party planner.



Senior Attestation Officer (UK)

Belle lives in the UK on the south coast, in sunny, vibrant Brighton.

She joined Argentum in 2021 having previously worked in a law firm for five years, before deciding she needed a new challenge and a fresh environment. Belle is an invaluable member of the London office who is always up for the challenges that document attestation sends her way.

The love of Belle’s life are her two Chihuahuas, Prince & Peaches and when she’s not looking after them, she can be found either cooking and baking at home or eating out with friends after a country walk. When the sun comes out Belle can be found at the beach with a cold drink!



Attestation Supervisor (UAE)

Rose was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Dubai in 2013. Since then she has become a mother of two, a skill which helps her keep the rest of the team in line!

Prior to joining Argentum Rose worked as a Teller at an exchange house giving her lots of experience helping people as well as the kind of attention to detail that is required when you’re working with that much cash!

Rose’s passions include listening to old music and watching movies with her husband, although they don’t always agree on whether a movie was good or not!

When things get tough in the office Rose is always there with a smile, focusing on finding the positives in a tricky situation.



Senior PRO

Bilal came to the UAE in 2009 and joined Argentum nine years later. Whilst his job title is PRO, he is our man who can sort anything. His connections across the UAE mean that if we have a difficult situation, nine times out of ten Bilal will find a solution.

He has helped establish connections with a wide number of government authorities, embassies, MOFA’s, in the UAE, as well as ensuring we can process international visas for countries including India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kuwait, KSA, Russia and his homeland of Pakistan.

Bilal loves interacting with new people every day and whilst his role can be challenging his passion for helping others always spurs him on.

When he’s not helping us and our clients he loves photography, creating videos and he’s crazy about TikTok.




Umar was born in the beautiful province of Panjab, Pakistan and worked as a Colour Chemist as well as in facilities management before joining Argentum in 2019; proving that you don’t need attestation experience to be a great member of the team.

We think of Umar as the gentle giant, he’s a guy who would do anything to help anyone and we can’t think of a better trait to have, especially in this business.

Having moved to Dubai in 2014 he got married five years later and now he and his wife are now trying to start a family.

Umar loves his food, having a special place in his heart for McDonalds and Pizza Hut. And when he’s not eating, he’s looking to explore as much of the world as he can; finding those special hidden places in the UAE that he can share with his wife.



Attestation Officer (UAE)

Sruthy is from Kerala but was born and raised in Gujarat, India and in 2019 she made the significant move to Dubai. After 4 years of working in a similar industry, Sruthy joined Argentum in 2023 as she was ready to step outside of her comfort zone and embrace a new opportunity.

Sruthy cherishes her time spent with friends and never misses an opportunity to hang out with them. She has a genuine enthusiasm for meeting new people but her passion for cooking trumps all, she is always looking for food! Sruthy enjoys listening to music and ironically, her name means music in India.