Argentum LLC - Document Legalisation and Attestation for acceptance in Dubai, UAE

UK replacement certificates WITH attestation/apostille service

Argentum are able to offer an official replacement certificate service for the following UK issued certificates:
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates

Our service will provide you with an official legal copy that has the equivalent standing as the original document and is accepted for many purposes including attestation/legalisation, visa requirements, CRB checks, job requirements, applications for various licences, etc.

We can then have the official certificates attested/legalised for acceptance in countries overseas. It is useful if you have access to your original certificate but if not you will still be able to input information which will allow us to supply the official certificates. Please see the online order form below.

The price for each replacement certificate is £60.49 and to order one or more replacement certificates along with the attestation/legalisation service, please complete the following online order form by clicking the link below.

Important: To order an official General Registry Office certificate the event (marriage, birth or death) must have occurred 24 months ago for a marriage/death certificate and 9-12 months for a birth certificate (if issued in England & Wales) or at least 9 months old (if issued within Scotland & N.Ireland). This is due to a delay in the Central Registry being updated.