Argentum LLC - Document Legalisation and Attestation for acceptance in Dubai, UAE


As with personal documentation, we are able to attest and legalise most types of business documents / certificates. The most common are:

Certificates of Incorporation & other documents issued by Companies House:

  • Original documents can only be attested and legalised if they have been signed by an official of Companies House.

  • If the originals do not bear an original signature of a Companies House official then they must be certified by a UK solicitor or notary public as being original documents. Photocopies of Companies House documents can be legalised if they have been certified by a UK solicitor or notary public as being true copies of the original document.

  • If a company Memorandum and Articles of Association is presented as two separate documents then these are treated as two documents by the UAE Embassy and therefore two fees are payable.

Company letter of undertaking:

  • The document must be certified by a UK Solicitor or Public Notary prior to sending to us.

Any other business/company document

  • The majority of company and business documents can be attested and legalised but we would ask that you contact us prior to sending your document(s) so that we may advise on the appropriate individual requirement for your particular document(s).