Argentum LLC - Document Legalisation and Attestation for acceptance in Dubai, UAE

Terms and Conditions

Please note that we do not provide a service for the local registration of any document at the Ministry of the country that the document is to be used within and the terms and conditions (T&C) are a legally binding agreement between (ALLC) and the client(s) in relation to the services ordered.

The terms and conditions (T&C) are a legally binding agreement between (ALLC) and the client(s) in relation to the services ordered. The client(s) is the person who places the order either in their personal capacity, on behalf of a business/organisation or on behalf of another individual(s).

The client(s) is deemed to have accepted these T&C by placing an order with ALLC either by post, e-mail, verbally or on-line. The on-line ordering process has a tick box which must be ticked before an order can be placed. In respect to the other methods of placing an order, as detailed above, the T&C is available on the web site and when an order is placed it is accepted that the T&C have been read and will apply.

ALLC reserve the right to commence work on an order as soon as it is placed with ALLC even if payment has not been received. If the client(s) cancels the order at any time during the course of the legalisation process, ALLC reserves the right to charge a fee of £50.00 plus costs incurred to the point of when the cancellation is advised. If the client(s) cancel the order after the legalisation has been completed, ALLC reserves the right to retain the full fee.

ALLC is not held responsible if upon presentation to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and/or an Embassy, the document(s) is deemed to be unacceptable for legalisation or attestation purposes. If this occurs, ALLC reserves the right to retain fees for services incurred up to the point of when the non-acceptance is advised. The fee for the services ordered must be paid to ALLC before or at the time the order is placed unless otherwise agreed by ALLC either in writing, e-mail or verbally. Completed orders will be sent by ALLC using one of the following postal methods which will be chosen by the client(s): By courier with a courier company selected by ALLC or Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery service (only for deliveries within the UK). ALLC will not be held responsible for the delay or loss of any documents sent by the above methods. No insurance is offered by ALLC for the delay or loss of any documents sent by the above methods unless insurance is specifically requested by the client(s). In the event of any delay and/or loss, ALLC will do their best to trace and recover any such items. If a replacement is required, this will be the responsibility and at the cost of the client(s) and any legalisation process requested will carry the full fees unless otherwise agreed by ALLC.

Orders will be completed within the published timescales wherever possible. Any delays which may occur will be communicated by ALLC to the client(s) by e-mail or telephone. Should there be an increase in any of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or Embassy fees, ALLC reserves the right to pass these onto the client(s) but we would not incur any additional fees/costs on the client’s behalf without first obtaining the client’s verbal, e-mail or written confirmation.

Timescales quoted start from when we receive your order & payment and exclude delivery time back to your chosen recipient. It is also important to note if we experience any delay due to matters outside of our control e.g. FCO unable to verify a document/signature, Embassy closed for local holidays, are not considered to be working days and if these occur we will email the client to advise.