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Fees - QATAR Embassy service:

Important information for Qatar orders

Following a recent change in process by the Qatar embassy in London we can provide prices, timescale and process information which is dependent on the number and type of documents that you require attested.

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Additional Information:

• Timescales quoted start from when we receive your order & payment and exclude delivery time back to your chosen recipient.

• It is also important to note if we experience any delay due to matters outside of our control e.g. FCO unable to verify a document/signature, Embassy closed for local holidays, these are not considered to be working days and if these occur we will email the client to advise.

• We will take your documents through the following process and our prices are inclusive of all fees incurred at the various stages: 1. UK Solicitor (if necessary), 2. Foreign & Commonwealth Office and 3. Qatar Embassy

- Please note that the Qatar embassy will not accept all Open University (OU) certificates for attestation so if you have a document from the OU please scan a copy to us before placing your order so that we can review and advise. The embassy will also not accept any qualification that was obtained via distance or online learning; also UK local Islamic marriage certificates are not acceptable to the embassy for the attestation process.